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Jennie grew up in Renton, WA a suburb 20 minutes south of Seattle. She started off college at Eastern WA and then transferred to the University of WA and then to Western WA (Where she missed Nic by a few years) and then headed back to the University of WA to get her BA in Interdisciplinary Arts degree. She has lived all over Seattle. She has worked at a fuel distributor as their Sales and Marketing manager for almost 12 years.

Jennie is 35 and also the youngest out of her 3 sisters. She is 5’6 (a foot shorter than Nic but she thinks she’s the same height) 1/2 Vietnamese & 1/2 white, black hair, brown eyed and two dimples. In high school, she was award ”Gorgeous Grin” for her senior class. She was also the varsity tennis and volleyball captain in high school.

Occupation:  Sales & Marketing Manager

Religion:  Catholic

Education:  HS Graduate, Bachelors Degree – Interdisciplinary Art, Masters Business Administration – Global Marketing

Favorite Food:  Any food that Nic makes!  But I could eat pasta every day!

Favorite Movie:  Comedy – Dumb & Dumber, Romantic – While you were sleeping & 50 First Dates

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Favorite Holiday:  Halloween

Favorite Music Group:  I don’t have one favorite.  It could vary from Keane to the Shins to 80’s Madonna to Beyonce to Adele to Katy Perry

Favorite TV Show:  Workaholics

Favorite Book:  Bossy Pants by Tina Fey

Favorite Subject in School:  Art

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Maui, Hawaii

Favorite thing about Nic:  Amazing cook, hilarious, handsome and a genius

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