About Nic

Nic grew up in Manson, Washington, right next to Lake Chelan. He went to college at Western Washington for a few years and decided to transfer to Central Washington where he received his degrees in Operation Management and MIS (Management Information Systems). After college he moved into his own apartment in Fremont, WA and worked at Amazon. He now works as the Lead Estimator/Project Manager at a construction company in Seattle.

Nic is 34, the youngest out of 3 brothers. He is 6’5, brown hair with blue/green eyes and two the deepest dimples you’ll ever see, besides his wife! He was homecoming king in high school and was varsity captain of his football, basketball and baseball teams. He was awarded “Athlete of the year” his senior year.

About Nic:

Occupation:  Estimator / Project Manager – Construction Company

Religion:  Lutheran

Education:  HS Graduate, Bachelors Degree -Business Administration and now a Masters degree in Business Administration – Project Management

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Favorite Movie:  So many to list: Groundhog Day, Big Lebowski, Children of Men, LA Confidential, Rushmore, Hoosiers, Anchorman

Favorite Sport: Tied – Football / Basketball / Baseball

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving – Lots of Food, Football and Family

Favorite Music Group:  De La Soul, Modest Mouse, Fleet Foxes

Favorite TV Show:  It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite Book:  Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite Subject in School:  History

Favorite Vacation Spot:  Maui, Hawaii

Favorite thing about Jennie: Sweet, Smart, Beautiful, Funny, Generous and she likes me

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