Our Story

December 2, 2003 Nic and Jennie met out at the Red Door in Fremont. They went out on their first date to a Thai place and then went and got a drink afterwards. The date went okay; Jennie had her 2nd interview (where she currently works) which lasted 3 hours that day, so she wasn’t her normal exciting self…. However, with her new busy schedule and adjustment to work, Nic still pursued her. About a month after their first date, they went out again – bowling. Jennie says that Nic has loved her since the first time he saw her. Nic says, “whatever.”

After about a year and a half of dating, they decided to move in together and a year after that, they decided to buy a house together. Doing things a little backwards, they knew that they were going to get married, so it wasn’t an issue. In 2007, they got married at their favorite place – Guemes Island. Nic’s family has property along with a beautiful house and cabin on the island. It’s a very beautiful private island where Nic took Jennie on their first Valentine’s Day.

6 months after getting married, they started to try to have kids. Unfortunately, they tried everything to have their own biological child but nothing worked as well as no reason given to why – unexplained infertility. There has never been a minute where they have questioned whether they would be parents.

In 2012, we decided to look into adoption and that November we welcomed our son Greyson.  It has been so much fun watching him turn into such an amazing little person.  We thank our lucky stars everyday that we were chosen to be his parents.  Our lives are centered around him, the zoo, science center, aquarium, soccer and swim lessons…..  and really keeping him busy to burn energy (oh little boys!).

We are at the point of our lives again where we know our family isn’t complete.  Greyson is our world but we know there is another little person out there for family.



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