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We’ve had a lot of fun traveling around the world before kids – from Italy to Paris to Washington DC.   We still like to travel but now it’s to more low key places like Maui for relaxing in the sun and playing on the beach.


Halloween is one of Jennie’s favorite holidays and is unfortunately, one of Nic’s least favorite holidays…  Greyson seems to be torn… he hates dressing up but he loved trick or treating Growing up, Jennie’s family had a haunted house in their garage.  All of our family and friends would come over and put it on for the neighborhood, it is…

Our Wedding

If we aren’t home, we’re usually at Guemes.  Guemes Island is such a special place to Nic and his family and now to ours. Our first Valentine’s Day, Nic took me on a weekend trip to Guemes.  We had only been dating for three months but it was there that I knew that I would always love him. (Nic knew…