Family & Friends

We thought it would be good to hear from some of our friends and families on why we would be good parents:

Nicole, Dan, Vera & Wyatt:

It is my pleasure and honor to offer testimonial on behalf of my sister, Jennie and her husband Nic.  They are truly the best people I know; kind, generous and loving.  I am blessed to have them in my life and in my children’s life.  Jennie and Nic are always willing to come over to visit and watch my children, now aged 3 & 1.  Both my children are excited and happy when Jennie and Nic arrive and barely glance my way when my husband and I leave for a date night out.  I know they are in great hands for the evening.

When we come to visit, Jennie and Nic have already child proofed their home in anticipation of the little ones.  Outlet protectors, floors swept and cleaned and all small and breakable items have been placed well out of reach of their small hands.  I continue to be amazed with their thoughtful gestures, understanding and patience to my young children.  In turn, my children love and adore them.

As a couple, I can see their devotion to each other.  Their home is filled with love and happiness.

As friends, they are dependable and supportive.

As family, they were present at the births of my children and continue to be an integral part of our lives.

As parents, they would be fantastic role models for any child.  They are honest and genuine people and would make amazing parents if given the opportunity.

Sam, Louise, Anneke & Drew

Nic and Jennie are two of the most generous, kind, thoughtful and responsible people in my family’s life. If something was to happen to my wife and I, we would like them to love, care for and nurture our kids into adulthood. They are positive and caring adults that are a huge part of my Kindergarten boy and 2nd grade girl’s lives. They literally have been there since their birth. They go to all their special events, birthdays and even make sure they come to their sporting events each season.

They are remarkable people who will change the life of one very lucky little boy or girl. I promise that you will not find a more loving home for this very lucky baby! I look forward to being the baby’s Uncle Sam.

As a family, we can’t wait to shower this baby with love, kindness and possibly Seattle sports gear!

Jake, Kym, Max, June & Tate

Nic and Jennie are two of the kindest, most generous and loving people that we know.

As parents of three children, we see Nic and Jennie’s love, patience, and selflessness each time we visit. They go out of their way to entertain our kids and spend quality time with them, whether it’s baking and decorating cookies, Jennie singing Little Mermaid songs with our oldest, or our youngest falling asleep in Nic’s arms. Our kids adore Uncle Nic and Aunt Jennie – and constantly ask when we get to see them again.

We have complete faith that Nic and Jennie will be wonderful parents, and evidence of this belief is in our Last Will and Testament. If something should happen to us, we want our kids to be raised by Nic and Jennie. We trust them with our most valuable entity, our children, and have no doubt that our kids would be blessed to have Nic and Jennie for their parents.

We feel so lucky to have Nic and Jennie in our lives. They will be incredible parents because they always put loved ones above all else, and family is everything to them.

Erin, Jason & Kaelyn

I have had the opportunity to work with Jennie and become close to her throughout the last five years. Jennie has this ability to make me laugh no matter what mood I am in. Jennie has a caring, kind soul and makes work enjoyable. She has an uncanny ability to make events fun. Co-workers always look to Jennie to plan company sponsored events. People feel a sense of comfort with Jennie, she’s easy to talk to; it seems she always has someone asking for her opinion or advice.

Jennie is always sharing stories of the times she spends with family. Her and Nic shower their nieces and nephews with so much love…and presents. She is a wonderful aunt, and I know she will be an even more amazing mother. My husband and I have had the opportunity to get to know Jennie and Nic outside of work also. They are wonderful, loving people surrounded by a great support system.

Jennie was one of the first people I told when I was expecting my daughter; she was beyond excited and happy for us.  I pray one day to have that same feeling of hope and excitement for her as she becomes a mother.

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